About Us

For over sixty years, HKB Stedenbouwkundigen has devoted its efforts to the environment of human beings, animals and plants. Our core disciplines are urban development and landscape development. It is our intention and ability to be involved throughout the initiation, design and realisation of plans. We like to work on plans that are feasible from a social point of view, both in market and in legislation and regulations terms. Therefore, apart from designers, we can dispose of our won, in-house urban and rural planners, legal experts and researchers. In addition, we have direct relations with planned economy experts and process advisors. But what’s more, things will have to look nice and, above all, stay that way!

This blog shows news related to our projects and displays our fascinations.

Download hier pdf Waarom HKB (50 Kb, NL versie)


HKB @Rotterdam
Zomerhofstraat 84
3032 CM Rotterdam
t +31(0)615074913

HKB @groningen
Boterdiep 63
9712 LK Groningen
t +31(0)50  318  31  00



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